Shaken not Stirred

I’m safe, thank you. A little shaken but I will survive. I will not let something like a group of rats put me off my quest to find others like me, maybe even a dodo… Could there be one? I know that dodos didn’t live anywhere outside Mauritius, but humans used to collect them and bring them back to their own countries. Maybe some escaped, maybe some good human kept them safe, maybe there is a colony somewhere out there. And if not, I’m still hoping that some other ‘extinct’ animal may be out there.Untitled-1


Tasmania says:

So glad you are safe. And your words have given me the courage I needed to speak up and say who I am. I am a Tasmanian Tiger or thylacine, from Tasmania off the south coast of Australia. People hunted my grandparents and all seemed lost but I have survived. I would love to meet you.

Ferdinand (Author) says:

Really? Maybe we can meet?

Tex Mex says:

Go Ferdy! Your friends in America would love to see you here any day. I’ve some friends in South Africa too, so if you need a hand, just shout. I just know they could fly over and help.

Dr Brian Candlewick says:

I find it hard to believe that two extinct animals are on the same website! Mr Ferdinand, I would be very grateful if we could meet. I am now in Mahébourg and staying not far from your Natural History Museum. I understand that you may not wish to meet publicly but if you would kindly contact me at I will be able to access my emails and you could suggest a time and place to meet.

Blogmaster says:

Find more friends through your blog. Log onto


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