Tiger, Tiger

I have been doing some reading. The internet is a wonderful thing and every time I go on it I learn something. I am all too aware that Dr Brian Candlewick is keen to get together but I think sharing an apartment with him would be a little much. However, on the internet I have also discovered the appalling fate of the Tasmanian tiger, hunted to extinction in a small island that sounds rather like my homeland of Mauritius. I feel enormous sympathy for said tiger – also known as a Tasmanian wolf because it looked a little like a wolf as well as a tiger. In fact, it wasn’t either but a marsupial called a thylacine who lived on Tasmania until… but wait, I am assuming things here. I say lived, as if the thylacine were dead. Extinct. And as we all know, or I at least should know, you cannot always believe what you read, especially about extinctions. The correspondent ‘Tasmania’ who has been on this blog claims to be a Tasmanian tiger and who am I to contradict?  But that does not stop what happened to the rest of the species being an appalling example of injustice and sheer greed. Pah! Time for us extinct animals to stand up and be counted I think. Do not let being ‘dead’ stop you.


Tasmania says:

I’m standing up and being counted!


Tex Mex says:

You’re an inspiration to all of us birds everywhere.


Barney says:

This blogging’s cool. Check out mine Ferdy. www.barneyratpoison.com And don’t mind Anastasia, she’s a cutey!

Anastasia says:

No I’m not. I’m coming for you, Ferdinand.


Dr Brian Candlewick says:

So am I!


Delilah says:

Me too!


Blogmaster says:

Barney is just the latest happy customer of www.blogmaster.org. Try it today.


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