Words of Wisdom

I know I said I wouldn’t blog but I have realised two important facts. One is that I may need some help and I’m aware that Tex Mex has friends who might be looking out for me. The other is that I should be trying to keep in touch with anyone like me and sharing my experiences so that they can learn from any mistakes I make. So I will add a few words of advice for the journey.

Ferdy's WordsI’m on my way to the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, a place that fills me with guilty excitement. I know how much Mrs Desai disliked the place and the humans’ desire to fly around polluting the planet, though she did want to visit America. I, however, find the prospect of flight rather thrilling.

To get there I have to catch a bus and it has struck me that perhaps a dodo at a bus stop is a bit of a rarity and might make a few humans stop and stare. Solution? A disguise. Before I left the factory area I had another rummage around, especially behind the cloth factory and, remembering Mrs Desai’s teaching, I have made a rather lovely sari and headscarf and I fancy that in it I look a little like an elderly lady.

Sadly though,I didn’t expect my disguise to be so important so soon. Perhaps I’m mistaken, perhaps it’s not … no, there is no mistaking that hair and that moustache. I know it well from my studies of the staff list at the University of South Fairford. DrCandle copy

Yes, Dr Brian Candlewick is closing in on me.


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