Bozzy Shenton

My beautiful pictureOK, so let’s get something straight, from the start. I write the stories – me, Boz Shenton; and they are adventure stories for cats. My Dad, Rich Shenton, does the pictures. That is the two of us in the photograph – he’s the fat one.

I do not and will not write children’s books. The following adventures are not intended for unsupervised children, or for unsupervised adults. They are bedtime stories for cats. It is the author’s (that’s me) intention that those humans who are lucky enough to live with a cat will read these stories to him or her at times of repose.

It is also important to note that they are works of fiction. Whilst almost all of the characters are real, the actions, thoughts and words attributed to them and the events narrated below are entirely my creation. They are not real. So don’t try and sue me. On second thoughts, do try and sue me, if you want. Let’s see where suing a cat gets you.



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